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TRUTH OR DARE #248 - How do you Advertise or Promote your Post?


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TRUTH OR DARE #248 - How do you Advertise or Promote your Post?


Hi Everyone welcome to TRUTH OR DARE. okay thats a loaded question obviously if your reading this your probably a Steemian so chances are steem is your favorite Coin but there are many more here who have accounts and for them steem might be a way to keep up to date with the everyday going ons in the crypto world, and also whats going on of course Steem itself or should i say Steemit either way i feel they are the same. So many things have evolved it can be hard to keep up with all of it actually it can be confusing. Yeah i know the price is down and all the protractors are pointing fingers again but to be fair it's hard to sell hate. So in fact by enforcing good now you have none so i think you might have missed something in your algorithm, people are people and they will try every way humanly possible to scrape up a nickle and most times maybe not even that. For a long time i used to do ads like for google arbitrage. It's a way to make money on line fast well fast still takes 30days to get paid. Basically it uses advertising to sell advertising we just help things along so to say.

Now what does this have to dO in real life well it's a known fact you have to advertise to be seen thats a fact. Lets look at Youtubers who make good money from ads and promotions on their videos but you must know that they also pay good money to google to promote their videos so you pay google or bing or both to place ads to promote your videos and in turn get paid from the ads of other companies trust me it works and everybody does it this way, except the ones who think everything should be free!


Now here we have a case in denial if Google says it's okay to pay Google to advertise but Steem guys want to do what??? Good content lol to advertise i can't tell ya how fast thats gonna sink in the ocean of posts, knowing that the whole world depends on visibilty what do they expect as far as i know i know of nobody using google ads to advertise a post so no wonder people Google must scratch their heads saying so what do you want from us just suck our blood nothing in return ?? you see nobody thought of a way to include Google or anybody else for that matter into Steem and they really reaally should have let members place their own google ads or any ads for that matter on their own posts and use internal and external advertising sources take us into the future then maybe they might LESSEN the NEED to cannibalize the rewaRD POOL as the Only Source of Income, i've said this before you have to think big really REALLY BIG LOL :))))) unless your not able then please just disregard this post :))))).

TRUTH OR DARE QUESTION # 248 - How do you Advertise or Promote your Post?

DARE: Tell us how much Steem do you SPEND on advertising? :))

P.s. Scratch my back and i'll love you back !:)
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