Bug Hunting: the '+Contribution' button is inactive on Ubuntu


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Update: after I posted this report, I saw that the similar bug was already reported three days ago. I am sorry that I missed it. However, the bug reported in my post was tested on different OS and different versions of the web browsers. Thus I think my report still makes sense.

The bug: the '+Contribution' button on top of the webpage is inactive

There are two buttons on the home page of utopian.io for adding a new contribution. One is '+ New Contribution' on the left panel, and the other is a blue one called '+Contribution' on the top. See the screenshot.


I guess I should be able to add a new contribution by clicking either of them. However, the blue button is inactive. When I put my mouse on the blue button, the mouse shows a small hand, indicating that I could click. So I click it, but nothing happens.

It seems that the blue button is inactive.

My session information

I tested it on both windows 7 + Firefox 56.0 (32-bit), and Ubuntu 16.04 + Firefox 57.0.1 (64-bit).

How to reproduce this bug

  1. Open Firefox web browser.

  2. Visit Utopian.io and log in.

  3. Click the blue button '+ Contribution' on the top-right.


The blue button '+Contribution' should be active.

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