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Ulog #91: Mushroom Fries aka Crispy Mushrooms


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This recipe right here was discovered by accident. Seems like a lot of what is delicious is often discovered through trying new things and making mistakes and eventually the end product is something really quite special.

This is our 'Mushroom Fries' which is more commonly known by the regulars as 'Crispy Mushrooms'. It all came about from leftover fried chicken flour mix that we had after making fried chicken and had some mushrooms in the fridge as well.

Mixed the fried chicken flour with a little too much water and had a watery battery which we continued with cooking the mushrooms with it anyway. Turns out the light batter makes for a light and crispy exterior which you can taste the mushrooms cause it's not over battered and too thick.



As of today, everyone that has ever tried this has loved it and has become a crowd favorite. It's served with our signature spicy garlic aioli sauce on the side and the combo of them both are absolutely to die for.

It's amazing what wonderful things you'll discover in food and in life as well if you just.... try :)

note: The mushrooms we use for this are gray or white oyster mushrooms which gives for a delicate mushroom flavor.

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