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Colorchallenge Monday Red: Guess The Name


5 months agoeSteem2 min read

Hello steemians,
It's another beautiful Monday morning that the Almighty God has made. We'll rejoice and be glad in it.
It's another Monday Red on steemit colorchallenge photography.
1puifcyy18.jpg I took this picture of this flower planted by the passage near Onyema Ugochukwu hall at the town campus of the prestigious University of Uyo (UNIUYO) while I was waiting for a lecture on a very hot afternoon. I could remember the reading of my weather app. About 37°c.
It was very hot that flowers were loosing their moisture contents but this very breed of flower did not showed signs of hash weather, just like others.
This really encouraged me to take a shot of it for reference sake.
Yes. I can say that we have a flower that is like us for we are not really affected by the hot sunny days in West Africa.
Another significant thing that this flower showed on that very day was that, in any condition we find ourselves, always be outstanding by becoming the best you can be, for the sun could not smite this flower by day and neither will the moon have effect on it by night.
I guess I should put that in quote on my next post.
This is my first contribution to today's challenge.
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Wednesday is Yellow
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Friday is Sky-blue
Saturday is Indigo
Sunday is Purple
Any steemian can be part of this photo challenge by having its own photos and using the first tag as colorchallenge.
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