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Dtube in 2018 – Data on Activities, Posts, Votes, Payouts and Top Dtubers


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The year is over. It is time for some yearly analysis. Dtube is one of the most prominent dApp on the Steem Blockchain. It allows users to upload videos. The video sharing industry is huge. There is a great potential in it. Combine it with crypto and we have an interesting situation. No doubt this are early times in the industry and there are challenges ahead. Storing videos is one of them. Video content is the most intense on the storage.


@dtube has been around for the whole 2018 and the data is stored on the blockchain. Let’s look how the year passed in terms of activity, content created, authors rewarded.

In this yearly overview, daily data will be presented for Dtube, like Steem Power, posts, comments, number of posts and users voted on, average vote worth, daily rewards and the top 10 Dtubers for the year.

Scope of Analysis

The analysis was carried out for the period from 01.01.2018 to 31.12.2018. Data from the STEEM blockchain was used and details of the queries can be found at the bottom of this post.

Key Numbers on Dtube in 2018

First let’s see some of the key numbers on Dtube in 2018.


At the moment Dtube holds around 2 million of Steem Power. The total number of posts in 2018 was 347k, out of which 23k received vote from Dtube. A total of 3323 Dtubers received vote from Dtube. Finally, Dtube generated around half a million steem power in rewards. Impressive!

Dtube Delegations History

The main delegator to Dtube is @misterdelegation. It has delegated around 1 million SP in the beginning of December 2017, and then doubled it up to a 2 million SP in the beginning of February 2018. This allows Dtube to attract users to its platform and reward them with votes for their content.


Except for @misterdelegation, @dtube has around 50 more other delegators. They delegate a total of 10k SP to Dtube.

Activity on Dtube

Activity on the platform is in posts and comments. Dtubers upload their videos and users vote and comment on them. The total number of posts and comments is show in the chart below. Data for each day was collected and presented on this graph.


The total number of posts and comments on Dtube in 2018 is 719.362.

As we can see the number of posts and comments is highest in the beginning of the year. This is understandable, since that was the time when the prices were high. The price drives the activity. There were almost a total of 9000 daily posts and comment in January 2018. This number has dropped to around a 1000 per day at the end of the year. There is a sharp drop in activity in October as well due to the Hardfork 20. In this period the blockchain almost stopped for a couple of days.

Interesting is that after July 2018 the activity on the platform has almost stabilized between 1000 and 1500 per day. Although the price of steem was above 1$ in July 2018, and then dropped to 0,23 in December 2018. This is a huge drop but the drop in activity wasn’t that huge. Meaning the platform has found it loyal users that stick around no matter the price.

Below is a breakdown of posts and comments and their movement in 2018.


The total number of posts on Dtube in 2018 is 371.986.

The maximum number of daily post was reached at the end of January 2018 with more than a 3000 post a day. At the end of the year thin number will stabilize between 400 and 500 post per day. Here as well we can see that the number of posts follows the price, although after July 2018, the drop in activity is not in a total correlation with the drop in price. Again, meaning the loyal users stayed.


The total number of comments on Dtube in 2018 is 347.376.

Commenting on the Dtube in 2018 shows a slightly different pattern then the posts. Basically, the comment remains even more stable after the price drop. Meaning the community stayed engaged and did the same number of comments after July 2018. At the end of the year there is a spike in the comments, probably due to the holidays season.

Number of posts voted

Not all the posts uploaded to Dtube receive a vote. Dtube votes selected posts. Below is the chart of daily votes from Dtube on posts.


The total number of posts voted from Dtube in 2018 was 23.280, with and average of 63,8 posts voted per day.
Out of the total 371.986 posts this is a 6,25% of posts that got vote from Dtube.

Dtube is voting a steady number of posts with an average of around 64 post per day. There is a increase in the number of posts voted on in March 2018, with more than 120 posts voted on daily, but then again int dropped to the average. Also, a drop in the voting in October, again due to the Hardfork.

Number of Dtubers Voted

The number of Dtubers that received a vote from Dtube is an interesting to follow. This shows how many users @dtube support with their vote. Below is a chart with a number of monthly users that received vote from Dtube.


A Total of 3323 authors were voted from Dtube in 2018.

This is a decent number of users that @dtube suport, but there is always room for improvement. Supporting more users is always a good thing for the platfrom, as it will atract even more users. A system for voting maybe is a good thing to be introduced with users having Dtube score or simular.

The highest number of users that got Dtube suport was in january with almos a 1000 users voted. The number decrieced afterards but stabilezed itself between 400 and 500 monthly users, for almost the rest of the year.

Daily Average Vote Value in STEEM

Dtube is voting with difrent vote weight on the posts. The average weight for 2018 is around 15%. Lets see how much is this in steem. Below is a chart of daily average worth of dtubbe vote in steem.


The daily average value of the vote is 23,52 STEEM

This is quite a big average vote that Dtube has. It has a policy of bigger votes casting to selected posts and users. Again, it is the platform policy how it will reward it users.

Daily Payouts

With all of the votes casted to its users let’s see how much daily reward Dtube is generating in steem. Below is a chart for the sum of daily reward generated by Dtube.


A total of 516.637 STEEM was rewarded from Dtube in 2018 to its users. On average 1415 per day.

This is quite impressive. Meaning that Dtube has generated around half a million reward in steem for its user in 2018! Congrats on them for doing this.
We can see that there is a shar increase in the reward generated in the beging of February 2018. This is due to the increase in delegation from one to two million in that period. In the next period if the year the average reward is around 1500 STEEM daily. There is increase in the reward to the end of the year. Probably Dtube wanted to congratulate the holidays to its users 😊. Here as well we can see the drop in the rewards in October because of the Hardfork 20.

Top Dtubers in 2018

Below is a table with top Dtubers ranked by payouts from Dtube.

NoDuberSTEEM Rewarded

Congratulation to the top 10 Dtubers in 2018!

On the first place is @harshilpatel with aroun 7k steem rewarded from Dtube. Next is @coruscate, and on the third place @kevinli. There is a data for all Dtubers, but I can’t display all of it here. If someone want this data for his account feel free to ask in the comment.


Clearly, we can see that the most active period on the platform was in January 2018. The activity drops sharply from there but then it stabilized itself after July 2018. The users stayed on the platform no matter the continuation in the price drop. Dtube is casting on average big votes to its users. But only around 6% of the posts received a vote from Dtube. Dtube generated around half a million reward in 2018, and this is quite impressive. More than 3000 users received vote from Dtube in 2018. The top 10 Dtubers have been rewarded between 4 to 7k steem.

Tools and Scripts

The data was gathered in Excel From Steemsql held and managed by @arcange.

The query used to get vote information was

    Source = Sql.Database("", "DBSteem", [Query="SELECT#(lf)*#(lf)FROM #(lf)Txvotes (NOLOCK)#(lf)#(lf)WHERE [voter] in ('dtube')#(lf)and CONVERT(DATE,timestamp) BETWEEN '2018-01-01' AND '2018-12-31'"]),
    #"Added Custom" = Table.AddColumn(Source, "% weight", each [weight]/10000),
    #"Changed Type" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(#"Added Custom",{{"% weight", Percentage.Type}}),
    #"Added Custom1" = Table.AddColumn(#"Changed Type", "Current vote worth", each 50),
    #"Added Custom2" = Table.AddColumn(#"Added Custom1", "approx vote $", each [Current vote worth]*[#"% weight"]),
    #"Changed Type1" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(#"Added Custom2",{{"timestamp", type date}, {"approx vote $", type number}})
    #"Changed Type1"    

The query used to get post information was

    Source = Sql.Database("", "DBSteem", [Query="SELECT#(lf)    author,#(lf)json_metadata,#(lf) permlink,#(lf)      total_payout_value,#(lf)    pending_payout_value,#(lf)    net_votes,#(lf)    created,#(lf)    children,#(lf)    Category,#(lf)    Depth#(lf)#(lf)FROM comments (NOLOCK)#(lf)where CONVERT(DATE,created) BETWEEN '2018-01-01' AND '2018-12-31' and#(lf)contains (json_metadata, 'dtube')#(lf)#(lf)#(lf)#(lf)"]),
    #"Changed Type" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(Source,{{"created", type date}})
    #"Changed Type"

The query used to get delegations was

    Source = Sql.Database("", "DBSteem", [Query="SELECT#(lf)TxDelegateVestingShares.*,#(lf)Convert(date, TxDelegateVestingShares.timestamp) as [Date],#(lf)Convert(time, TxDelegateVestingShares.timestamp) as [Time]#(lf)FROM #(lf)TxDelegateVestingShares (NOLOCK)#(lf)#(lf)WHERE TxDelegateVestingShares.delegatee = 'dtube'"]),
#"Changed Type" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(Source,{{"Date", type date}})
    #"Changed Type"

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