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Blender Legend Grant Abbitt Reaches 100k Youtube Subscribers


9 months agoSteemit3 min read

I'm a big fan of Blender and a big fan of Grant Abbitt. His Youtube tutorials are great and he is making a really great job at teaching.

Just recently he reached a Youtube milestone of 100k subs. Congrats to him and well deserved I would say.

He has been producing videos constantly for a a long period of time. A few per week at least. And his videos are great. He never hide anything and put everything he knows out there. Also he is an experience teacher and knows how to get you in the topic. Really top quality things from him, hat down. He even have a discord channel that I'm a part of.

He is doing a great job for FREE!

In the past, I'm myself have been playing around with Blender for a long time and have made a couple of Blender post here on Steem.

Most of those post are from last year:

That content didn't got a lot of traction here and I have been slowly transition to the analysis things here.

The Blender Community is suitable for Steem

Blender is open source. It has been open source for a long time, starting back from 2002. This was even before Github. In a way Blender is the mother of open source. The community has this feeling of sharing their knowledge and content all the time.

Because of this it will be well suited here on Steem.
I have even mentioned Steem to Grant in a comment on Youtube. His answer was that eventually he will be looking at it. This is where the opportunity for this Blockchain is. Taking a community like the Blender one, and tokenize it. It is a great community and people like Grant can lead the way. Nothing special just start posting their things here and doing the same thing as for now. I'm sure a lot of his followers will want to suport him and will get some SP to do that on regular basis. He is also interacting a lot with his fans and will probably like to reward their comments with some Steem upvotes as well.

In the end a short amateur animation in Blender by me :)

All the best


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