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My sweet mini zucchini))))

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9 months agoSteemit

My sweet mini zucchini))))

Do you know how nice it is to wake up and prepare breakfast for a small piece of happiness?)

Previously, I did not like to cook, and now I do not like. But I have a little son and he wants to eat) It is not difficult for him to cook for me, sometimes I, as a creative person, cook and decorate a dish that Roma would like to eat)

Today I have done a lot of things, usually people rest on Sunday, but this is not about me) ALWAYS my work is really a rest for me. By the way, today I was working on a picture, maybe tomorrow I can share the finished work with you, if I don’t have time to finish it, I will send a part of the process))


Sincerely, Kristina Zhuravleva


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