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DS War: introducing New start-up packs, it's time to be a part of the war...


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Hey you..! Yes, you come and check the latest Startup packs. We may start by explaining the new system.

As we said before we want a more profitable sales system for our customers, we decided to let it happen so here is it, now if you purchase a pack you’ll find an ark and two items in it. But it depends on what pack you purchased,

  • In the chaos pack (purple color) you’ll find an ark (from 3$ to 5$) and two items (weapons and spells).
  • In the legendary pack, you’ll find an ark (from 5$ to 8$) and two items.
  • In the epic pack, you’ll find an ark (from 10$ and above) and two items.
    The new system is now up and running, The War is very soon people it’s time to arm yourself….

The monsters of @steemmonsters

Are not yet decided we asked @aggroed to send us a list of monsters so we can open voting on them and here’s what we got:
1_Elemantal Phoenix

Elemental Phoenix_gold.png

2_ Frost giant
Frost Giant_gold.png

3_Spirit Of The Forest
Spirit of the Forest_gold.png

4_Angle Of Light
Angel of Light_gold.png

5_Lightning Dragon
Lightning Dragon_gold.png

6_Chromatic Dragon
Chromatic Dragon_gold.png

7_Gold dragon
Gold Dragon_gold.png


9_Ruler Of The Seas
Ruler of the Seas_gold.png

10_Sacred Unicorn
Sacred Unicorn_gold.png


12_Black Dragon
Black Dragon_gold.png

13_Lord Arianthus
Lord Arianthus_gold.png

Comment the name of the monster which you'd like to see in the game.


We decided that the contest will continue to the next week and to change the prizes which are now money of soul and one rare ark, so a call from us to all the artists and masterminds in steemit, Please try to design an epic logo for our game and you shall be the winner.

Our team

We are very sure that the community is wondering about the identity of the DaieSthai War team, Good news for you the reveal of our team is very soon…As for now we could only tell you that there are some reasons that made us working in shadows.


We assure you that the work is going smoothly especially on the marketplace and our team is showing great dedication, we will complete in time or even before.

logo 00_00_06-00_00_13~1.gif


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