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Promotion/Live Stream/SkipTheDishes - My Hustle Report Card: July 8 2020


29 days ago3 min read

Having been faced with a little bit of a creative block as of late I have decided to lower my bar, just try to get something out writing wise...

Yesterday was not my most active day but productive nonetheless having done my live stream and worked a shift of SkipTheDishes afterwards.

Reminiscing of Firsts, SMOKE on Hive-Engine - #HappyHempDay July 8th, 2020

The show went really well having my very first surprise guest appearance by none other than my best buddy @BrettBlue. He brought forward the idea of doing a raffle for the Smok network community and it seems like weโ€™ll be moving forward with this on a regular basis so watch my upcoming show for further details.

The morning prior to hosting my show I ended up doing a little bit of promotional banner placement, this spot seems to be a good one and in future I plan to make up a few banners for other crypto related mobile applications such as @Actifit and @Appics ๐Ÿ‘

People really like the cards but they cost a fair bit more than just printing a banner, maybe I could source some cheaper materials rather than photo stock.

After work Jerry and I had a nice walk around The Gorge Waterway though it was raining and windy I managed to record a decent video using my GoPro ... trying to May more attention to settings ... thinking about different things before I shoot ... the picture above I was trying to get more of a silhouette with my iPhone but water on the screen and lens was not working with me ๐Ÿ˜†

I should be able to get that video put together before I head out for my walk this evening hopefully getting back on track with daily little promotional videos for a Actifit also ... I have one big project to do this weekend so I will have to put everything else down again but Iโ€™m hoping to perk my video creativeness this week to then feel inspired to tackle it ๐Ÿ‘Œ Chelseaโ€™s Wedding Video - the time has come!

Till Time Stoners,
@D00k13 OUT!!!
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