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Summit_cs 5 - Counterstrike


6 months agoeSteem

Summit_cs 5

Summet_cs 5 is one of the most funny and relaz/laid back tournements in the entire csgo universe.
Pro teams are in the same house and every play is from that house, they have a pool and everybody is just chilling its nice :D
I couldn't find a description for summit cs, so you gotta take my words :p

Todays match


G2 vs Virtus.Pro

Honestly, I haven't paid any attention to this tournement because it ran along side Blast Pro Series, which is bigger :D
G2 have been playing quite good in other tournements.
Virtus.Pro have been non-existen for a while, so I dont know. My gut says G2

G2 wins

Mousesports vs OG

Mousesport just won the Esl tournement, so thats big, they must be the favorites to win this tournement aswell. And also, OG is a completely new team with old players which is set to do great thinga, but I haven't seen them play yet, so.

Mousesports wins


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