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Watching Downloaded Movies Is What I Do To Keep Me From Getting Bored Too Everyday πŸŽ₯πŸΏπŸ“Ί


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It's Fantastic Now In Getting Movies

I remember the years when my father had bought a VHS player, my brother soon rented VHS tapes so that we could watch some movies in our 14 inches Sony television. Every moment in watching movies via the VHS tapes is very special because in those times we have no means of being online as the Internet is not yet available in my place if not so expensive and slow.

The VHS was later replaced by a VCD when my brother bought a player which gave us the convenience of not carrying VHS tapes from the rental shop and then he bought a DVD after that which after sometime was never been used because of the Internet. The internet allowed me to download movies from sites that offer downloading them. So all that I have to do is join forums and ask for a username and password for a particular file hosting site so that I can get to download movies that I wanted to get.

Before all that we had used the Betamax player when we were younger but the rental shops are mostly in the city than in our province and the price was so expensive in renting them out. But my father had sold it before he goes back working abroad. We with my brothers had never had a video player until my father had bought a VHS player in the late 90's where after that my brother was the one renting out movies for us to enjoy watching with friends sometimes.


The Good Ol' VHS Tape Sparks Great Memories Of Using Them

Later a file sharing site was born which is called "ThePirateBay" and that alone had killed the movie rental shops which now are all gone in my country which at one point is sad and in the other hand is convenient for people who wanted to see a movie which is free from people who wanted to share their files to anyone interested from almost ever parts of the globe.

Now all that I have to do is search from piratebay and download the torrent file for my Torrent application which is installed in Laptop and download from it. You just have to "seed" your downloaded file so that others could also download bits of files from what you have downloaded as if you are a server at that point. Just bear in mind that you are able to download because some people had seeded their downloaded files, so seeding is good and everyone has to do it so future downloaders/seeders might also enjoy the file.


For Me The "" Is Just A Venue For People To Share Their Things So That Others Could Also Enjoy The Files They Wanted To Use

Keep in mind that you are downloading an unknown file which many times over could contain a malware that would harm your PC. That is why I am just downloading movies of an mp4, avi, mkv files only and unticking others that is not of use to me. I do not download others applications because I do not need them anymore.

So people today are quite luck I must say, they have the convenience of the Internet which is why entertainment is just one click away and downloading files and movies is easier now that the Internet services are much affordable and faster than before which are expensive and very slow. It is just amazing what technology can bring us as time goes by for the convenience and satiety of human needs.


Keep In Mind That Most Files We Download Have Always Malwares In Them

I only download movie files, I am through with downloading other apps which just contains malwares most of the time. I do not play games too because I just focus on writing which makes my life much productive compared to the people in my situation.

Writing blogs is what I enjoy especially in steem platform that changed my life in a very good way and I am thankful to friends here that supports me up to now and are selfless about their deeds which I know that God will repay in due time. Thanks be to God for all his unspeakable gifts.


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