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Special Day Today Because It Is Thanksgiving Viewing For Me And Mother


5 months agoeSteem2 min read


It is a special day today because I get to view my supposed weekly Thanksgiving viewing which I wasn't able to do because the worker that is assigned in missioning me is either lazy or just had given me to God's mercy.

Well today the church workers just changed with their rotation so now I will be assigned with a much passionate church worker.

He said that he would arrive at 9:00 AM today and I am preparing for that although I haven't gotten much sleep due to my online work which I must do because I have to earn some money for my future needs and for my medical goals as well if they are still feasible.

Anyway the church thanksgiving activity that I will "view" is one of our weekly gathering which I am not able to attend due to my current condition. SO I am just missioned here at home by our church worker who carries a copy in USB drive the recording of the last weeks Thanksgiving activity.

In the Thanksgiving there are the opening and closing prayers, the singing of the church members who are scheduled to offer their songs of Thanksgiving, the collection of offerings, the first and conclusion of the weekly bible topic.


Also, it includes of course the consultation portion which I always liked to listen to where some brethren or guest will have the chance to consult with #brotherelisoriano of #mcgi about their problems regarding all things from medical to legal and bro Eli will try to find a solution for it.

I like listening and viewing the Thanksgiving because it strengthens my inner being although it is hard to sit for long but my camping chair allows me to rest my back as I can lay on it too.

This will be a long day but it is fun for my spirit. I will definitely get tired physically but that is still okay for me


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