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My Latest Complete Blood Count Today Plus Other Good News


6 months ago3 min read



Today as I was expecting I am not able to finish my session, it is about 15 minutes more but my vision is already dimming which is a sign of an impending shock and true enough after my blood got returned my blood pressure had read at a low of 80 Systolic which is why I had thrown the towel of surrender and notified one of my nurses to cut the treatment short.

Anyway it is still good because it is just about 15 minutes before the termination time and besides I really could not endure it anymore. A little bit of waiting then I will pass-out already. This is considering that I took 400 mg of Caffeine plus 164 mg from two types of energy drink that I took while I am hooked for my dialysis.

I took the second pill at about two hours after being hooked-up but still maybe because of the efficiency of my dialyzer which is a highflux type and considering that it is new I really am expecting my BP to go down.

The Good News

The charity service of the government notified my dialysis center that we will be given with another three free dialysis treatment in equivalent. It is a very big help because some of the patients really are very poor and is problematic is search of money that they would patch-up for their own dialysis needs.

So now I am thankful to God that we were given another three dialysis treatments as it is really needed by each patient so we won't worry much since the health insurance coverage had ended already for all dialysis patients in this country. The payment now comes from out of pocket by the families of the patient until the end of this month.

Another Good News


This Is My Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test For Today

This is my CBC test which was made today, it is an excellent CBC result because for most dialysis patients their hemoglobin for example goes to 60 and all others except the platelet goes very low that they require frequent EPO injection (Eryhtropoeitin hormone) and or blood transfusions.

But for me with this kind of CBC result I am no longer required to have those injections and transfusions anymore. Why would my CBC had become this relatively high? I just regard it as a miracle from God because I could not find any other explanation for it. So glory be to God and a million thanks to him.


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