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I Missed A Lot Of High School Reunion Already And It Pains Me To Realize That It Is Just Impossible To Attend That Occasion


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My Face Is Actually Puffed Already With Edema In The Left Photo

I have already torn-off my photo in my High School yearbook because of what happened to my health many years ago, I even taken out and burned my photos because of my frustrations regarding my health and life overall thinking that my existence had been a failure.

I just took this photo collage that was made by my former classmates in our FB group because of our high school reunion today and man that was really a long time ago. I remember me and my classmates in the studio trying to make ourselves look better for the photo. So I saw a "foundation" as they call it and used it to lighten my skin and take off the shine. I wasn't sure that if I also used a lipstick too just to make myself to look good in our annual yearbook.


About 20 years later I look Like This

Well it worked and I was able to see my face rather satisfactorily nice-looking. But my face there is just puffy already from edema but even I nor may classmates and my family was able to recognize and identify it, after all I was just around 14-15 when this picture on the left was taken.

Anyway, my batch mates in high school are just active in setting-up reunion parties almost yearly maybe because of social media today unlike before where they would just meet for a reunion every few years. But is really nice mingle again with our former classmates where many years ago we had established friendships and for others a romantic love which lead to marriage in later life and even though I could not attend these reunions I could still feel the happiness in those years.


Currently I look Like This, The Lionface Man

But really I am feeling sad like a parent that could not meet their children and it is painful because of my physical limitations. I could attend but it will just be an awkward situation for me and my former class/batchmates. There is a pain factor about my disability not only about my immobility and more so I would rather just stay at home than to punish myself in attending our reunion because my feather is different from theirs now, they are normal and I am not, we can never be the same as before.

I hope that soon my condition or health situation would improve so that in the future I could do some of the things that I have missed because right now I am just like a vegetable with working arms and if not for the steem community my life would have been like a trash, helpless, hopeless, and a thing that should be avoided.

That is why I keeping on with my goal rather than giving-up because I could still see the light of hope until my body just decided to say "Stop!" than who am I to resist since I am already overdue as a dialysis patient.

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