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Dear Diary: I'm Disappointed For Not Being Able To View Thanksgiving For Today


7 months agoSteemit2 min read


My mother had texted the church worker and asked if when he would be able to arrive here today and the church worker told us that he would be arriving late and said that he is still in the islands in a town far from here where is missioning some disabled brethren.

But he will be able to bring the Prayer Meeting video file which is just around an hour or less to view. But it is already past 2:00 PM now and probably he will arrive before 5:00 PM if I am lucky.

Viewing in what transpired in the Thanksgiving makes me feel good inside and it just strengthens my inner self because of the hope and peace that I get from listening to the teachings from the bible and from the bits I picked from the consultation part of the Thanksgiving service that is discussed and hosted by my preacher Bro Eliseo Soriano (

It is just too bad that I could not go physically to church now because of my mobility and pain issues so I have to request the church to include me in their mission to allow me to hear and partake to church activities without being physically in the church.

When I was still able to go, me and my mother together with my brother and one of his sons go to the coordinating center together and I just missed that part of my life because never did I thought that my ability to practice my faith will be greatly affected by my health status but nonetheless I am thankful that I am still able to get updated on the happenings inside the church.


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