New to Busy? - I present myself ;-)


3 years agoSteemit2 min read

Hello everyone,

As my name suggests, I have been a crypto fan for years now. I started to mine the BTC with graphics cards, at a time when it was still profitable. Then I switched to ASICS until I decided to stop everything because of the price of electricity in the country where I was living at that time.

Besides that, I have a second passion which is the trading and this passion was perfectly associated with the one of cryptos when exchanges began to appear and allow the trading of different cryptos. I also publish daily crypto analyses, mainly Bitcoin and Steem. These analyses are not intended to provide you with investment advices, which I cannot give you. These simply give you information about the mood of the market and my interpretation of it.

Besides that, I've been Witness for almost a year. Indeed, after my significant investments in this platform, I was thinking it was normal to work with the other Witnesses to ensure the stability of our Blockchain and its improvements.

Do not hesitate to vote for me in order to allow me to continue this mission which unfortunately represents costs every month for the rental of the computer equipment necessary for the validation of the blocks.





See you soon,


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