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Why you Should be Playing Krypto Gamers - Hurry Up to Earn as Much GAMER Tokens as you can Before it's too Late!


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Why you Should be Playing Krypto Gamers

Because the Time to Earn GAMER Tokens is Now!

Early High Reward Opportunity for Earning GAMER Tokens

1% of the supply is easy to obtain and hold using under 1,000 STEEM, this won't last long as every 10% of the supply of GAMER tokens issues will decrease the reward payout buy 50% (just like Magic Dice)


You can only play Dice with the only other trusted Steemit dapp Magic Dice and they have made no public announcements to offer other games

House Edge is 1%

Magic Dice and most other dice games have a 2% house edge. Payouts on Krypto Gamers at the same amount are slightly more as well

Rising Popularity

Since Krypto Games issued GAMER token airdrop, 24 hour transactions have increased over 10x. Krypto Gamers is catching up to Magic Dice fast! In fact, a takeover looks to be in the works!

It's Still an Early Opportunity!

Make 50 GAMER Tokens per Steem Wagered

Risking under 1,000 STEEM Total, I've accumulated almost 10 million GAMER Tokens!

Earn GAMER Tokens Before The Next Increase!

Every 10% of GAMER tokens issued will reduce the reward by 50%

So once 20% of tokens are issued you'll only earn 25 GAMER tokens instead of 50

Krypto Gamers 3rd in DAPP transactions

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