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I wanted to share this new game on steem blockchain, technically they called it

SteemCITY, city simulation game based on NFT tokens, your collection = your city.

I love monopoly board game when I was a kid. This steemcity games remind me back of this monopoly game that I have some strange attraction to it, to the point I just play it with my imaginary friend when no one wants to play with me. lol

The website for this game still in early beta and you can for now check your cards and buy/sell cards in here;
Most of the game activity like auction and event still operating in the discord of Steemcity.
For Steemcity, the strategy for small player like me is try to accumulate the population cards first because if you own property cards but not enough workers/manpower, your property cards will not generate optimum income; Steemcity currency is SIM. You can exchange SIM to Steemp in Steem-engine. Apartment card from Population/Income Card category is the most valuable card for now as it provide the highest number of manpower/workers and income for your income Property type cards.
You can get manpower/workers from an Event that increase your city popularity. To do this you need 5BEER token then just follow the command in discord of Steemcity to initiate the event in your city. Since your city popularity boost up by this events, this will attract the working class peoples to come to your city and you might get free workers/immigrants/homeless which will fill in the less manpower in your income property cards for every 80 minutes and last for 24 hours then you can start events again after 4 days by sending another 5BEER token to steemcityevent.

Events are short term boosts for your city
BEER FEST -> send 5 BEER to steemcityevent to start it
This event gives you random 50-100 bonus to popularity, and chance(20%) to get Worker(+1 population) or Hard Worker(+1 population, +1 income) card. Last for 24 hours, you can start it every 4 days

Don't fret if you receive immigrants or homeless to your city, they have negative popularity, but if your city is small ; less than 1000 populations, they will not affect much of your city(I got this info from discord,maybe it will change but thats what I knew for now), but if you have more populations, then you better slowly get rid of them by selling them to smaller city owner and start buying population/income property such as basic home,luxury home or apartment.
I'm so excited about this game, they going to release more fun cards soon. You should buy your cards before they jump up the price in future.


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