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Galactic Nucleus; Sources of all genesis

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There are many way to Rome, in this case there are many way to New Earth. Some already has this innate knowing of following their inner guide, inner operating system that has been activated because the others has send a message from ethereal plane, so strong that it kick start the long dormant faded light in them.
Now more than ever they are connected through technology. The knowledge that been suppressed by the upper society for their own selfish need now made available to the mass. No more secret, now they call it The Secret. Quantum healing the called it, from the old soul that has enlightened themselves. They all are parts of the bigger infinite puzzle. There are some who require scientific facts for logical mind to truly open their heart and receive the quantum realm. It amused me, I mean they need some logical mind facts to prove the infinite possibility of the quantum realms? I understand their birth right to know who they truly are had been hidden and destroy by the ill intent souls of the dark force so these poor soul could be manipulated and disempowered forever in this dimension.

In his book “Cosmic Cybernetics,” Landscheidt writes:

“If there is substantiation for the supposition held by
distinguished scientists such as Ambartsumian, Levit,
Ducrocq, Holyle, Narlikar, Beauregard, and Reise,
that our galaxy is organized like a cybernetic system,
the complexity of which far exceeds that of the
differentiated power of the organic nervous systems,
then there would be reason to assume there are
information links between the galactic center and the
Sun, as the center of the solar system of such a kind
that for instance the activity in the galactic nucleus is
implanted in the gravitational waves as the
characteristic information; the gravitational waves
reach the center of the solar system and trigger
activity in correspondence with the transmitted

There are many ways to access the information from the galactic nucleus, sources of origin of all that ever begin and exists from all dimensions and timelines.

Heart with elevate emotions,
consciously connecting to the galactic nucleus,
with the pure intention,
for the greater good of all.


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