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This billionaire businessman regularly destroys his phone, explains the reason

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9 months ago

Elon Musk keeps updating his phone (as ordinary people do) and for some reason, he destroys his phone and does so due to security and sensitive information.

San Francisco: Billionaire tech businessman Elon Musk keeps changing his smartphone regularly. Also, according to court documents, he destroys his old phone for security reasons. A report released by Business Insider dated October 14 states, "Musk keeps changing his cellular device regularly, he either erases all the data from his old phone and keeps it safe somewhere, or the phone is destroyed, due to security reasons."

This document is part of a lawsuit made by British diver Vernon Unsworth against Musk. It may be known that he had filed a defamation case on him last year after the CEO of Tesla called Vernon a 'Pedo Guy' on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Musk suggested using a mini-submarine to rescue the teenage football team and their coaches trapped inside a cave in Thailand.

However, Musk later deleted the tweet, apologizing.

Alex Muskiro, a lawyer for Musk, told Business Insider, "Musk keeps updating his phone (as common people do) and for some reason, he changes his phone and does so because of security and sensitive information. "


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