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Why I Might Switch Completely To + Steem Referral Links?


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Introduction is an alternative front-end application that people use to interact with the Steem Blockchain. Their text editor is great and they have made amazing improvements on the user experience in general. I am seriously considering to switch completely to from now's that good!

I didn't go on for months, it was only this weekend that I took a peep into it. To my astonishment, they have integrated referral links!

10% of their rewards for 30 days


To get there, first sign-up to through SteemConnect. Then go to your Settings in the top right corner. You will see a link to "Invite".

Why I Might Switch Completely To Busy.Org

The Invite Link

The invite link is a pretty awesome feature. I would encourage everyone to share their invite links on their social media. It was a brilliant move by them to encourage onboarding through their platform.

Now that they have a really well functioning website, I think I'd rather direct the people I invite to join want people to have a good first impression and is the better option at this point.

Functioning Notification System

The fact that notification system hasn't been repaired in months is quite annoying. Now on, I can see what's going on without having to wait for the Steemify Android App to come out.

Readability + Shareability

Compare reading my article from yesterday, ironically titled "Why Beauty Matters" on versus .

The article found on is much more appealing to the eye AND much easier to share on Facebook and Twitter!

Less Buggy!

There are a lot of tabs that have bugs on my profile. It's not easy to reply to comments, it shows the wrong reputation, sometimes showing that I have zero curation rewards, etc.

I like my front-end with less bug. Thank you.


Seeing how well is turning out to be really makes me happy and more confident in the future of the Steem Blockchain. I think has the potential to eat lunch if Steemit Inc isn't careful about putting some efforts on the front-end.

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