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Cryptobrewmaster Witness is on | Curation Updates | Soft Launch


Witness related


This week we launched our witness node this one will support many initiatives we making on Hive so here's the list of how we participating at the Hive blockchain life:

  1. @cryptobrewmaster game development
  2. @cryptex24 exchange development
  3. @infa PROXY \ #IOI aka Infa Onboarding Initiative - onboarding new users and supporting them via @teamukraine here's the Ukrainian language post + promotion on social media
  4. Supporting and curating @teamukraine community | Telegram Chat | Onboarding Chat for newbies
  5. Collaborations with other communities such as @beerlover (BEER), @discovery-it, @battlegames to support quality content

Vote cryptobrewmaster as a witness

Curation updates

We switch to 100% manual curation and curate manually friendly communities and game \ beer-related posts!

Soft launch postponed for 7-9 more days, but currently, we have a possibility to check out the testnet crafting process)

To get the link you have to:

  • PM discord rollie1212[INFA-proxy]#2766 and specify your Hive nickname
  • get the link and login via Hivesigner
  • Wait til backend wizards will cast some cards for your test craft)


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