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4 months agoBusy3 min read

This is the Chief Executive Officer of Eskom and he says another six months of chaos.

Things are really bad and worse than we thought. This is what happens when a government lies and lies. Eventually you get so caught up in it you have nowhere to turn. They have backed themselves so far into this corner you would think that a change is now possible in the upcoming elections.


Minister of public enterprises says they will get it right in a year or two. Closer to the truth I feel.

We have been on a schedule for power cuts so they can make it through. Apparently they are doing maintenance work on power stations. The highest category was a level 4 and the first I heard about it was tomorrow is a level 6. Level 8 by the way is a total black out for the entire country. Pretty scary when you put that into perspective.Level 5,6.7 and 8 are new to my vocabulary as these numbers were never mentioned before.

Currently the country has enough power to provide only 60 percent of the electricity required.If you do the maths it doesn't take an Einstein to realise their are some serious issues ahead. South Africa has 48000 megawatts of installed energy, but it only currently has 28 000 megawatts available daily. This is from the report this evening.This tells me that everyone wont have power for half the day basically until it is sorted. The Electricity supplier Eskom tried to enforce an increase which was rejected on the grounds of unfair business practice. Only a few are paying for everything and it needs to change. Eskom have fired over 1000 staff members who were rigging up illegal electricity points in the town ships.

There is a shipment of diesel arriving in 10 days time which will help run their plants. There is no money as the supplier is now cash strapped. Zuma and his Gupta cronies took everything and now the chickens are coming home to roost. I think it will get way worse as this is all news to most of us. We knew it was bad, but not this bad.

Can it get worse,yes it can. Water needs to be pumped using electricity so already some areas haven't had water since last week. Electricity and water are your essentials and without it life isn't very normal.
We bought a generator this evening as stocks will run out and prices will most likely spike due to demand. The one shop sold 170 units today alone and have none left.

Have you ever tried to drive when every single traffic light is out? Every junction becomes a 4 way stop and you can triple your travel time. Tonight it took over an hour for a 15 minute drive due to the grid locking taking place. This is what happens when you have unqualified people in charge and they have been running this place for 25 years.

If you polish a turd it is still a turd and that is the levels they are at now. You can't make this look good and any foreign investment will be gone. The currency will drop like a sack of potatoes on this news and I am too scared to even look.


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