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Kayla The Eagle

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This is quite a remarkable true story about the journey of one particular eagle and how any lives she touched. Who would of thought an Eagle born in Canada would end up being quite a celebrity in South East London.


When she was very young she was caught by some idiots who were prosecuted. Kayla was released back into the wild but due to lack of instincts that were robbed from her at a young age only knew how to steal food than actually catch it. The authorities intervened yet again and took her to a rehabilitation center. Just shows you what the idiots did in the beginning having no idea how it effected the birds life as she could not hunt.


From their she was sent to on Ontario Veterinary college to be used for educational purposes but became too aggressive and difficult to handle. Eagle Heights a bird center in South East London was asked if they would like to take care of her which they gladly obliged. Due to the Bald eagle being a protected species in Canada there were mountains of paperwork to ensure the deal went through.


Thankfully Kayla settled in well at Eagle Heights and her first celebrity role was with the band Kings of Leon featuring on their album cover. This was just the start of her celebrity status as she became the live mascot for Crystal Palace football club. Crystal Palace is known as the "Eagles" and have the normal fluffy mascot but a real live one is way better. She appeared at a number of home matches soaring in and around the stadium gaining stardom with the football fans.

Obviously why Crystal Palace are nicknamed the Eagles.

Funny how things work out as eagle Heights went through a financial crisis and the football fans donated enough that the center was saved. Actually the financials were very healthy and the long term future has been secured. Sadly Kayla suffered a heart attack a couple of weeks ago and passed away. It is amazing that through her fame she managed to help the sanctuary so much securing their work for many years to come.


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