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9 months agoBusy2 min read

Hi everyone we were in chat the other day when one of the guys mentioned that he was demoralized. He then went on to mention that he hadn't written anything for a few days. He had written a couple of posts and had no votes on them.

I thought back to when I first started and it is tough and it is still tough. I have been fortunate enough to have a group around me now ,but it takes time. It takes literally months and hours and hours of interacting and engaging with people. The more you interact the faster you will grow and there is no time frames on that either.

If you are one to just post and hope for the best then you are sadly mistaken. Finding like minded people to follow you is the key. Thousands of posts go through unnoticed every week without a vote and maybe even unread. If you expect it to just happen then I am sorry to burst your bubble unless you have exceptional talent and luck.

Most of the bigger accounts that post regularly each day are successful because they have built a
following. In the beginning these accounts were no different to the new users now posting and having no or very little return. My first few posts were a kick in the teeth and was just happy to get 0.01c. A comment was a high light so a thick skin is a good asset to have on here.

You can't take it personally as you think you knocked a post out the park and it is a total flop. That post may have had your heart and soul in it but it just doesn't get the value you expect. Other posts that take 10 minutes or so may do better than the one that took 5 hours to compile. Don't take anything to heart and just keep your head down and keep going.

With the right attitude you will make it but every time you feel down don't stop. Try something else by looking to build your community. Go and read some posts and comment, it may take you 50 posts to get one or two people coming to look at your posts, but get out there and remain positive.


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