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8 months agoBusy2 min read

I know some of you like to think you are hard core Steemians ,but are you really? Looking at my feed again today I don't even have to look but the price has dropped. Re-steem seems to write a lot of things as he is the top author again. I went to double check and yes another 8% down. I just find it all rather pathetic and have seen another side that just disappoints me more than shocks me.

I understand it is Saturday but if it was a building it would echo as it is empty. It doesn't really bug me as I am in here boots and all but what message is being sent to new accounts who joined today or this week. When it is quiet I feel you should be obligated to at least do one post a day. Some of us have increased to doing two a day and if it stays like this maybe three a day to actually give the impression it's busy and everything is working fine.

Do I really care that it is this quiet? Not really as you have handed over the keys to the safe to help others thinking like me to grow. If I have to post 5 or god forbid 6 times a day I will. Three posts a day is a challenge I don't want to do but may have to in a few weeks when Steem drops even more. Lets see what happens as it is all about tomorrow and the day after and not today it seems.

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