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Clear And Obvious Errors


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Clear penalty call and ignored as the ball took a deflection and benefit went to the defending player. Still a clear handball though and should have been awarded.

The sole purpose of VAR technology is to deal with clear and obvious errors the referee might have missed. The system was run and tested last year in the Bundes liga and hailed as a success. It is more like propaganda as they had big issues and the same issues we are seeing today in the English Premier League.

Last season the referee blew for half time in the game between Mainz and Freiburg and everyone left the field. VAR was still checking for a hand ball and ruled it was a penalty. The players had to come back out before going back in after the penalty was taken. That is a shambles and we haven't seen that happen in the EPL yet.


Another crazy incident which would never have been an issue if VAR wasn't around. A substitute who was warming up and not part of the play was yellow carded and gave a penalty away at the same time.

The Italians with Serie A and La Liga in Spain are also using this system and having the exact same issues. The system was implemented to make sure refereeing errors are taken out of the game but it seems to me the VAR system is creating their own errors.

Last night in the Liverpool vs Manchester City game there were some big calls made and being impartial they got one of the calls very wrong. These types of bad calls wreck the game and create confusion with players fans and even the officials. I think they would have given the penalty shout to Manchester City if Liverpool hadn't scored whilst they were reviewing it.
Goal for Sheffield United at Tottenham disallowed as the player at the top was deemed offside. This is pathetic as too tight to call and goal should have been allowed. This is by no means a clear and obvious offside and they need to stop not picking.

The officials need to be much quicker in their judgment calls and why another monitor needs to be playing with a 10 second time delay next to the live feed. Stop starting the game regularly can't happen and is not an option.

In Spain the idea was touted as a success and they say it is only called upon when the referee has made a clear and obvious error. I call that bullshit as it is being used in the same way in every country and it isn't being used correctly.

Look at other sports where and how technology is used as referees call in the replay to double check something, but still carry on with the game. It should only be used as back up and not multiple times in each half as the game becomes disjointed as teams are waiting for the whistle each time. There is no confidence in the way it is being used and it is leading to more confusion.

Personally I think they should scrap it until they have a clear set of guidelines and maybe only rule on off sides and dangerous play for now. The VAR system is being used too much and is taking away from the spectacle of the game. There are issues every weekend and it is not improving and is making everyone look incompetent and foolish which is probably the truth.


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