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Anything Is Possible This Weekend

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25 days ago3 min read

This weekends Grand Prix is not like a normal race as so much has happened already in just two practice sessions yesterday. You would think a race on the same track two weekends running would be rather boring. This couldn't be further from the truth and I would not bet on anyone as at this point no one in particular is standing out saying "pick me".

If we start with the weather there is a concern that today's qualifying and practice session will be washed out. The Formula One guys are normally fairly accurate with this type of stuff so who knows and we will have to wait and see. The talk is that the standings after the second practice session could stand as qualifying times which throws up a few surprises.

If this is going to be the starting line up for Sundays race Bottas has to be favorite right now. Weather could play a crucial part and if rain appears then Verstappen is my favorite. This does look like fun though and teams have plenty to prove.

Verstappen did far better today pipping Bottas to the top spot. Hamilton was in 6th position overall leaving Toto Wolff saying the team has plenty of work to make things right. The temperatures were cooler today so the car does respond differently requiring a different set up. The problem is the weather and temperature on race day will be different again as some rain is forecast.

I think this sums their situation quite well.


Ferrari fast forwarded their car improvement and upgrades a week early and are still basically doing a pre season test leaving them floundering in 9th and 16th overall. That surely has to improve otherwise the car has gone backwards even more. Sometimes too much tinkering at the last minute is not advisable and maybe in hindsight should have upgraded certain parts this week and not the entire body.

Daniel's day turned from smiles to grimaces as he put the car into the barriers. I suppose that is what practice is for and now watch him come out and blitz the race this weekend. I am really hoping for something from him at some point, but maybe in the Renault it is too much to ask right now.

His team will have their hands full as this looks like a total rebuild needing to be ready for the practice in the morning if not washed out. He spent time with the medical staff and was given the all clear. Daniel was lucky as high speed crashes like this don't always end that well.

Whatever the result this weekend I think teams will be glad to see the back of Austria as the track has really tested the cars reliability. I think everyone was thinking the second race would be a repeat performance but teams have screwed up this time around and who knows what is going to happen next. Rain would be fun though as it just makes a track so different and that would favor only a few drivers. There should be a bet on how many cars will finish the next race as only 11 did last week.


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