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A One Horse Race


23 days ago3 min read

Opposite of yesterday with glorious sunshine and no rain.

These were the conditions for which the cars have been set up for and today we learnt a great deal. There are definitely 3 different groups with Williams still at the bottom with Alfa Romeo and Haas. We then have Alpha Tauri,Renault, McLaren and Racing Point. Mercedes is way out front followed by Red Bull who are not really going to challenge, but should finish second overall.

LeClerc taking a gap that wasn't there and removing Vettel's rear wing plus damaging his car at the same time.

Not a quick fix and may have been worthwhile to spend the 30 minutes repairing it and getting both cars back on track just for the data. They would have gained more respect if they had done this as it tells you they want to fix the problem as soon as possible. An opportunity missed possibly.

Ferrari cannot be classified yet as they are still undergoing testing which was why their result today was sheer madness. For LeClerc to take his team mate out in the third corner of the first lap was totally irresponsible. This coming together saw them both have to retire and no testing was done.

Mercedes are in a class of their own.

Ferrari needs time on the track to fix things and the result means absolutely nothing right now. The car is a lemon and to change it they need race data and without it they are just guessing. Today was a serious setback for the team and it looks like they are somewhere in between the bottom two groups of cars. The next testing for the team is next Friday in Hungary not leaving them much time to change much before the Sunday race.

Mercedes are so far ahead of the others that the battle is for all the other teams to fight for a top 10 position for vital constructor title points. The World Championship is still between Hamilton and Bottas and only one of them will win it. Trying to make everyone more competitive by reducing team budgets has only pushed Mercedes into having a bigger advantage over the rest.

With only one safety car today it allowed Mercedes to pull away and Hamilton was already lapping over half the field and under no pressure for the win. This is the second week running the team didn't have to turn the motor up and could turn it down saving it for later in the season.


Sky Sports tried to get a reaction out of fellow commentator and former World Champion Jenson Button about drivers not taking the knee. What he said was probably not what they wanted to hear as he firstly said it was too political and not about taking the knee for racism. He said all the drivers stand by ending racism, but not the political movement and was their way of expressing their views.

Thankfully some drivers stood their ground like they did last week.

You could tell the director behind the production was frustrated as the cameras never panned onto the bended knee performance and was over so quickly. Whoever was controlling the cameras I think did the right thing and I hope the same thing happens next week. The drivers that stood last week have stood their ground even though they have been called so many names during the week. Politics has no place in sport.


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