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Giving Flowers - @Canadian-Coconut


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I believe in giving people their flowers while you have the chance. Not just physical flowers but the ones that come from your mouth in the form of praise, appreciation, thanking, gratitude and recognition. We may feel a certain way about someone but how often do we speak it out loud?

Well today that’s what I am going to do. I want to give flowers and speak out loud about my appreciation.




I don’t know about you but a lot of these questions popped in my head when I first joined Steemit three years ago. There is a known learning curve here and it takes time, patience and research to find your way. You’re not really sure where to start, who to look to, what all of your options are, how to gain attention and support of your work or when might be the best time to post.

I remember telling myself

just write about the things I love and am passionate about and someone will see.

Since the beginning I put my heart and soul into my posts wanting to make them the best quality. But no matter how great your posts are at the beginning, you’re still new. You haven’t made your reputable mark and your posts quickly drown and get lost in the sea of articles as new ones continue to surface.

I was unsure if anyone was even seeing my content until one day I received an upvote on a post I made about plant medicines vs. drugs. My husband and I became distributors of Young Living Essential Oils and were learning quite a bit. I wanted to share this information so that it might prevent someone from going through what I went through from using pharmaceuticals consistently.

@Canadian-Coconut (Ca-Co, Linda) gave me my first glimpse of hope, a sense of achievement. The things she stands for and are passionate about are the same things that are dear to my heart. I began to see this more and more as I posted about natural medicine, natural childbirth, vaccinations, homeschooling, parenting, family protection and health. She supported my content and saw potential in me. It was because of her upvotes, comments and resteems that my posts started slowy coming out of purgatory and into the light amongst the living. She had a huge impact on my staying here and not giving up and I am forever grateful for her support and kindness.




Making that connection with Ca-Co was huge for me. When someone who is reputable, respected and loved in this community starts to invest in you, that says something. It’s a big deal! Her continued support of my work gave me a total boost of confidence and motivation which is what I really needed to continue on.

When she started following me that’s when I knew I would be okay. Sometimes it just takes that one comment, upvote, person to believe in you that confirms your abilities. This is one of the reasons I vow to encourage others along the way and leave motivational comments. You never know who might be going through what you have already experienced. It’s not easy starting out here.



Dear @Canadian-Coconut,

Thank you for giving me a chance. Thank you for seeing potential in me and giving me the boost that I needed. Thank you for giving me a sense of belonging. Thank you for your friendship even outside of Steemit, I really enjoy the talks we engage in.

I am grateful for your kindness, support, positive influence on Steemit, leadership and encouragement.

I appreciate the support you give to others and your commitment to important causes that are changing lives. Thank you!


This won’t be another new weekly initiative. We already have several good ones out there like the ‘Thank You Economy’ hosted by @coinsandchains.

Giving flowers is something you may see me do occasionally when I personally want to show my appreciation for someone out loud. I may not have the resources such as enough SP, Steem and Sbd to give back in that way but this is a way I can give showing my gratitude :)

Not to put people on the spot but there are several Steemians that have been here awhile with me that I know Ca-Co consistently supports. Maybe you want to take this opportunity to give her flowers too down in the comments below?!


She is also a generous and continuous supporter of these communities and more:


Thank You!

Photos not sourced are my own and were taken with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6.


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