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Mobile login problems: steempeak, steemconnect, keychain [steem]


3 months ago2 min read

Today mobile access to steempeak has been blocked. There is a new login prompt from steemconnet. I think it has a security setting that logs me out each week, but this time I had no simple method to log back in. So today I am stuck using steemit instead.

In the past I was able to login by clicking my profile that was pre-authorized to work on my mobile. Now I think steemconnect says I needs to use my keychain password to login. Huh?

Is this happening because I created a keychain password on my desktop, and it is blocking me from logging back in? Keychain is constantly requiring me to authorize everything I do.

Can anybody help explain this? Anything I can do to retain my steampeak login while I am on the go?

I make a policy to never, ever store passwords on my mobile phone for obvious reasons, and I always use difficult passwords that are unmemorizable and hard to type. Hopefully I won't have to walk around with a password written in my pocket.

Has anyon else recently had the same problem logging in that I am experiencing?

Update: Issue Resolved

The developer in the discord channel for steemconnect is very helpful.

The main problem I had was in misunderstanding what the keychain for steemconnect is.

Keychain is a new password you have to create if you want to continue using steemconnect to login.

Keychain is ALSO an app many people use, but this is NOT the same as the keychain password to use with steemconnect.

Make a NEW PASSWORD, save it, and only use it for steemconnect.

It get's easier...

Once you create a password, you can sign in normally without having to provide a password every time.

Authorize your device if you want to stay logged in, and it will allow you to sign in with the click of a button.


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