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Lemon Citrus Tree: Ceramic Blue Pot for Shiny Green Leaves [Bonsai]


8 months ago3 min read


This is a Citrus tree. One day it might even produce lemons. Please enjoy photos of this small bonsai tree, as I share some details in this article about my hobby.


Growing very slow this year, this tree is still very young. The bonsai pot is the most powerful tool in my arsenal to slow the growth of a tree and keep it dwarf-sized.

I believe this blue glazed pot makes a good base for this tree with glossy green leaves. What do you think?

Sure I could put into a large training pot to build up the health and vigor of the tree, but then I would have tall tree that wants to grow up with a broom-like stem. Many professional bonsai growers start trees out in a larger pot to quickly develop are thick nebari, They will do this with hundreds of trees, and discard all of the trees, except for the few that develop an ideal artistic shape for a quality bonsai design.

As a hobbyist, I do not grow trees in such a wasteful manner. I cultivate each tree in my collection, regardless of its potential, and give each one a nice home in a small pot. This way I can enjoy the companionship of dozens of species of trees in my own small backyard.


The toothpicks sticking up here are meant to deter the squirrels from digging the soil out, which would kill the tree. The fertilizer in the tea bags I use has a scent that rodents love (blood-meal especially).

Citrus actually produces its own thorns, but I usually trim them off to avoid injury to myself.

I doubt this tree will ever be used to harvest lemons from, but I do hope one day it might at least produce peaceful white flowers.


We'll keep an eye on this tree and see what develops. It's been making new sucker shoots along the limbs in recent weeks. When I bring it indoors for winter, I think I can expect to see an explosion in growth for a few months before it slips into dormancy. Even without full sunlight, a tree will continue to grow so long as it has enough stored energy.

Historical Information

ID: 0036
Nickname: Unnamed
Type: Citron Lemon
Age: 4 years
Grown: seed
Last repotting: 2017 early summer?
Wired: Summer 2019

This post is my first official introduction of this tree to my friends on the steem blockchain. You can however, catch a few past background glimpses of this tree in some past articles I have shared.


Be sure to follow my work this week. I'm in the process of sharing the whole host of bonsai trees in my collection. There is over thirty trees I am growing. That means you can enjoy more than a month of fresh content from @creativetruth's back porch.

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