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"Notes of a Young Psychotherapist" Chapter 2. A detailed analysis of the case of Koli Part 5


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Chapter 1. Psychological excerpt. The case of Vasya and Kolya.

"I hope I managed to give a little intrigue to this chapter. If not, give this book to someone else, maybe someone else, unlike you, will want to learn how to cope with any life circumstances, like Kolya. A little I want to upset those who want to find something in this chapter that will work always and everywhere, there is no such thing here. All because you are not Kolya, YOU are unique, but you are not Kolya! Do not rush to throw out the book, in this chapter you will find information that can help you, learn to cope with any life situations, almost like Kolya.

I thought a lot about which factor helped Kolya to cope with his difficult life situation? Of course, in Colin's case, there was a combination of factors that helped him find a way out with his problem. Which is more than the others? Being in the audience now, I would certainly ask you. I am sure that at this point the discussion would begin, and contact would be established with the listeners. But, I'm dealing with readers, and I can only guess what is spinning in your head...

The key factor for Kolya was the people who surrounded him. A huge role played by his family, who, at the most difficult time for him, took control of him and began to provide him psychological help. Their main achievement was dialogue. They were able to force Kolya to throw out her emotions in the family circle. Their next correct step was Kolya's training, they taught Kolya to switch to any other topics. In addition to relatives, a great role was played by friends who also helped to switch to any other topics.

The next factor was the almost complete lack of free time. This is a very important factor that constantly helped Kohl switch his thinking, and not get stuck on a painful memory. This factor included the same close people, his work, sports. This factor prevented very unpleasant possible consequences. The factor that prevented the proverb "Woe from Wit" from working .

A significant role in the case of Koli played a sleep. Given the severity of the situation, having a good sleep was a very important factor. Even if, as in the case of Kolya, this dream was caused by phenobarbital derivatives used in cardiology. (I do not give the titles purposefully, firstly, why give free advertising, and secondly, despite the fact that in Colin cases everything ended well, the use of these drugs only with a sleeping goal could have undesirable consequences). The important role of sleep can be said for a long time, but here I am not pursuing this goal. If the reader takes out only one phrase related to sleep, I will be very happy - "if you do not know how to solve this or that question, and you have the opportunity to go to bed, what are you still awake?". Often, maybe even 15 minutes is enough. Appreciate a dream, he is the main advocate of your mental health.

In addition to these three main factors,the fate smiled for Kolya a few times. The first smile was an aversion to alcohol, which developed after the first attempt to drown the mountain in a bottle. In the following, aversion to alcohol developed into a persistent idea that alcohol only makes things worse. Perhaps a big part in the formation of aversion to alcohol was played by a case from the life of one Colin's acquaintance who, after the death of a loved one, has already spent a year abusing alcohol and/or healthy way of life, which led and leads Kolya.

The next smile of fate, for Kolya - was a meeting with me. (And that, I still that modest). The meeting with me was absolutely random. Thanks to this meeting, and the classical tricyclic antidepressant for the night, in the minimal dosage (again, they do not pay me for advertising :)) Kolya got rid of the developing dependence on phenobarbital derivatives used in cardiology (those consequences, which I recalled a little earlier). According to Kolya, "as if sobered up." The classic tricyclic antidepressant, due to one of its attendant (someone can say side effects) helped to normalize sleep.

I am sure that these are not the last smiles of fate for Kolya, because life can not only take, it will necessarily give something in return. Given the circumstances, I had absolutely nothing to convince Kolya that Kolya expects a wonderful life, which he must live for three! I only had to persuade Kolya that Kolya expects a beautiful life, which he must live for three!

So Kolya, instead of a serious psychological problem, has a huge motivation that makes him wake up every morning and go to live for himself, his wife and his little son.

I hope this chapter has convinced you that you can look at any situation from the other side, and find something positive in it. Do not think that thanks to me everything turned out so positively, in this situation I'm only a small link of fate, which turned out to be at the right time, in the right place. The real hero is Kolya, he realized that he wants a beautiful life, which he must live for three! And it was Kolya who believed that he has and will have a wonderful life, which he must live for three! All repeats? You are right, is sufficient only WISHES and FAITH that you have already achieved this !!!"

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