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Road to Steemfest - A Blocktrades Contest! Get Your Entry in by Tomorrow


9 months agoSteemit2 min read


Hi Friends!

Okay... you Steemfest goer's.... you have ONE DAY left to get in your Road to Steemfest entry for this week! The theme is a fun one... 3 Truth's and a Lie.

I've partnered with @blocktrades to make video versions of their posts to help raise money for their contests and spread awareness! (Liquid rewards of this post go to help fund those awesome tickets they give away!)

The rules are simple...

Ya'll will want to participate in this one (not just because the topic is entirely entertaining) but because Steemfest attendees who participated in at least 75% of these free write challenges will get a special surprise in Bangkok.

Ps... in this video I share... but I'm so sad to say that the stars just didn't align for me to attend this year. I know I am going to get total and complete FOMO seeing all of your photos, and there are many people I will miss getting to hug, chat with, and enjoy some crazy Bangkok adventures with.

That being said... I was so fortunate to win a Steemfest tickets from Blocktrades last year - that I still wanted to make sure I do whatever I can to help support them in their contests! ♥️ I Can't wait to read all of your roadtosteemfest posts this week! They promise to be quite entertaining.

Here's the video!👆🏼

XO, Lea

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