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The Steem Sisters Are Officially Heading to the Steem Creators/Block Builders Conference in Austin!


7 months agoSteemit2 min read

Hi Friends!

So far... @maryjaney and I have been to every conference that has been put on by @steemcafe, @larrymorrison and the Steem Creators crew. So you can imagine there is no way we would miss Austin! Vegas and Toronto were literally some of the funnest memories we have together as sisters (no exaggeration) and Austin will be no different.

What's really cool is that this event will actually be more than just a Steem event - as it will host speakers from other blockchain communities and companies. This is why they are calling it the Block Builders Event. I'm personally excited to meet more people in the crypto space during this event. Not to mention that Austin is the home city for Steemit Inc. and a few team members will be speaking.

What are we most excited about though?? The afterparty. Duh.

If you've never been to Austin... I literally cannot explain enough what a cool city it is. You could spend an entire month there and never get bored. The food is incredible, the live music, the art, the dancing... it's all such an experience. Austin is one of those cities that I wish I could fly to a few times a year.

Tickets are now available on the Global Block Builders site -


I hope you guys enjoy this video! It's filmed in pretty typical Steem Sister fashion... ;)

Xo, Lea

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