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Giving Value


4 months agoSteemit2 min read

This is a story where I say how giving value makes all the difference when you want something. This story might sound insignificant but it was significant to me. It made me realise that if you want something then give value first and your more likely to get it.

So I was meeting up with some friends. We were going to a restaurant in Covent Garden, an affluent and happening place in London. I had no clue where this restaurant was and neither did my friend. Google Maps came up with two locations in the area for it as well. So that was no help. Anyway Covent Garden brings in a lot of tourists so a lot of people don’t know where their going. There was this homeless guy giving out directions in exchange for donations. I decided to ask him where this restaurant was. He gave me them in the most polite fashion and I couldn’t help but give him some money. I just couldn’t. Normally you see the homeless sitting on the street not offering much asking for money. This was different I really felt inclined to give this man something.

Now this a pretty small favour right, giving out directions. But imagine you applied this to other areas of life. Say you need a favour from someone or you’re at a networking event or applying for that job interview. How about you view the situation from the other persons point of view, you find out their priorities and see what you can offer.

If you do this you’ll see how more will flow in abundance for you. You’ll get what you want more often and the person will too. Leading to happy party’s and even more favours being bestowed upon you. A shift of mentality can really achieve a lot. 

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