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🎬 THE THING IN THE APARTMENT - "Night Visions" - Crypt TV Monster Universe - Short Horror Film


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Late one night Sam receives a phone call from her friend Lindsay who in fear for her life, ran away from her home because she saw something strange and creepy in her apartment.
Sam goes to her distraught friends aid and picks up her up. Lindsay proceeds to tell her about the terrifying encounter with a mysterious creature that she has just experienced.
Not entirely convinced that their is anything or anyone in the apartment Sam decides to go and investigate for herself, leaving Lindsay outside in the car.
Whilst Sam is searching the apartment, Lindsay looks up at the bedroom window and to her horror she sees the figure of a monster which appears to be following her friend. Without hesitation Lindsay runs to the apartment to warn her friend of the imminent danger...

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Source - Crypt TV (YT channel)


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