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EOS Mega Update Vol 12: 42% of Block Producers are in China! EOSfinex unveiled, Zimbra email on EOS, EOS Global Hackathon London, BancorX, Circle adds EOS, Telos is going live & keys recovery service, MonsterEOS 3D game footage, Blockchain Live 2018


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Quick topic list with links:

• 42% of Block Producers are in China; and the REX (1:15-)
• EOSfinex unveiled (6:46-)
• Zimbra email on EOS (9:26-)
• EOS Global Hackathon London (11:42-)
• BancorX cross-blockchain liquidity network on EOS (10:49-)
• Circle exchange adds EOS (10:03-)
• "EOS Podcasts and Videos" Telegram Group (12:57-)
• Telos launches recovery service for lost EOS keys (16:45-)
• Telos is going live soon! (19:40-)
• 3D Game "MonsterEos" on EOS (21:34-)
• Blockchain Live 2018 in London (23:08-)

Full summary:

There are too many block producers from China! We need REX

Last video i talked about incentivizing voters with a small portion of annual inflation. REX actually solves this with resource trading fees going to users who stake. When REX goes live and people have incentive to vote.Then we will see whale-voted-in-BPs get balanced out.

• EOSfinex unveiled. The world's fastest decentralized exchange, built on the EOS blockchain

• Zimbra email on EOS

• "EOS Global Hackathon London" event (Sept 22nd). $10k $25k $100k prizes. The winner gets to move onto the final competition. Really smart way of discovering and funding new Dapps.

• Bancor builds BancorX cross-blockchain liquidity network on EOS! It will connect the EOS and Ethereum blockchains. What’s more exciting is the reason BancorX is built on EOS instead of ETH.

• SEC approved cryptocurrency exchange, Circle Invest lists 4 projects: EOS, Stellar[XLM], 0x[ZRX], and Qtum

• "EOS Podcasts and Videos" Telegram Group

--- EOS lost private keys ---
• Share user's progress for ECAF Arbitration Claim for his lost EOS private keys.

--- Telos Section ---
• Telos launches recovery service for lost EOS keys (must be used prior to launch of Telos network)
Douglas Horn of TELOS says they are trying to reach as many "EOS lost/compromised/hacked accounts" so that they don't miss out on TELOS airdrop. For the benefit of the community, please ensure that private keys do NOT need to be disclosed. This "token recovery" on TELOS will happen prior to TELOS maninet launch. TELOS has updated their website with necessary tools to make it possible. It is intent of TELOS that no one should miss this opportunity and are wanting to include all affected. Would greatly appreciate your efforts in spreading the message to the masses. Thank you very much!

• Telos is going live soon! Launching the TLOS network.

--- Games Section ---
• Last video we covered another game, Infiniverse. Check out my last video if you missed that. It is an Augmented virtual reality world build on top of EOS blockchain.

• 3D Game "MonsterEos" on EOS

• Blockchain Live 2018 in Olympia, London

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this video are strictly my own and are not to be construed as trading advice. Do not buy, sell or otherwise trade cryptocurrency based on the content of this video. I am merely sharing what I have done and what I would do in various situations as an educational tool only.

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