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Here are CoinGecko's Steemfest presentation livestream and slides


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Hello Steemians!

It's been a crazy week since the crazier week that was #Steemfest4. We sent our team's in-house Steemian @superoo7 and @awesomianist to speak on behalf of the rest of us to share our experience after using Steem for a year as a marketing and communications channel.


We're glad that the community is receptive of our idea that brands and companies can, in fact, use #newsteem as a marketing and community platform.

We know that our presentation, while tailored for Steemfest audience, would be useful for steemians everywhere. That is why we want to create this post for austerity.

Thank you @roelandp for making Steemfest possible, inviting us to speak in the conference, and recording/livestreaming the event.

Below is the video featuring @awesomianist and @superoo7's presentation during Steemfest, taken from the @steemfest livestream.

Presentation Video (Skipped to 2:11:18)


If you'd like to take a look at the slides for reference, we've uploaded a PDF version in the link below:



Our whole presentation will about 18 minutes of your time, excluding Q&A.
Here's a short 5 pointers for those in a hurry:

  • @coingecko has been on Steem since 2017, posting since October 2018
  • We think that Steem Dapps are thriving on the internet
  • Steem users are the perfect audience for us and any crypto based companies/brands
  • We do contests and giveaways on Steem, also running a Witness node.
  • We will do more things on Steem in the future

CoinGecko Separator.png

Hey there, do you know that @coingecko is also a witness on Steem? We hope you will consider voting for our Witness Node.

Steem On!


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