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Shock! What does Facebook have on me??? | 喂!Facebook 你到底拿了我哪些信息?


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This is serious! I, @coder-bts , here personally tried this and it was way more than what I thought.

这是一篇非常严肃的文章!我, @coder-bts , 亲自调取了这些数据,发现远比自己想象的可怕。

About a week ago, I was reading a post about how to get a copy of data that Apple has on you, which is not we are focusing on today. (feel free to leave a comment to ask about this thing) Then I tried, confirmed my information and waiting for Apple to sort out all the data. As I was waiting, I thought it may also be fun to know what does Google or Facebook has on me. Then, the story begins...

大概一周之前吧,我读到一篇关于如何向苹果索要一份隐私数据收集报告的文章,不过这个不是我们今天要讲的重点。(如果实在有兴趣,欢迎留言,我将会解答)按照帖子的方法尝试,我向苹果的客服确认了身份信息,现在正在等候苹果整理隐私数据。在等候时,我又想,Google 和 Facebook 的隐私报告应该也会很有趣吧。于是,今天的故事就这样开始了……

Yes, I tried Facebook. They allow user to download a copy of data that Facebook has on me, which is sweet, but I saw the data downloaded, and I am still working on believing now.

是的,我拿 Facebook 开刀了。给予用户一个下载隐私数据收集报告还是做的挺厚道的,但是当我看到那些数据后,我到现在还是很震惊的。

SO, HOW? | 喵?怎么获取?

  • Go to Facebook Settings
  • Under the tab "General", you will see a line on the bottom saying "Download a copy of your Facebook data."
  • Select everything, don't worry, it is not going to be a lot
  • Choose HTML format
  • Creat File
  • Wait for about an hour until Facebook emails you about the file and then follow the link
  • You need your password to download the file

Just that easy.

  • 前往 Facebook 设置
  • 在 “General” 标签下,你会看到底部一行小字写着 “Download a copy of your Facebook data.”
  • 全选所有选项,放心,文件不会很大
  • 选择 HTML 格式
  • 创建文件
  • 等待大约一个小时,直到 Facebook 邮件通知你,随后点击内附链接即可
  • 输入密码,下载文件


Hmm? What's in it? | 哈?里面有啥?

Big part. I'm not a huge fan of Facebook and I don't use it a lot, and so my file was only 311.7 MB.

重头戏来了。我不是一个 Facebook 重度用户,使用频率不高,所以只有大概 311.7 MB 的文件。

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 10.08.02 PM.png

The file "index.html" is something that you wanna look at, it will represent all your data downloaded in a form a webpage.

你要使用的只有 “index.html” 这一个文件,这个文件将会把你所有下载好的文件以一个网页的形式展开。

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 10.11.04 PM.png

Posts, Photos, Videos, Comments, Likes and Reactions, Friends, Following and Followers, Messages, Groups, Events, Profile Information, Pages, Marketplace, Payment History, Saved Items, Your Places, Apps and Websites, Other Activity, Ads, Search History, Location History, Calls and Messages, About You, Security and Login Information, Network Information. That's truly a lot.


We are not going to talk about those daily things like posts and likes, we are gonna focus on some very weird things.


Ads | 广告

There is such a thing named "Advertisers Who Uploaded a Contact List With Your Information". What does that mean??? People are putting ads on me based on my interests? Well, I am not complaining about this, but take a look at the list:

有一个项目叫做 “包含您的广告投放列表”。嗯???广告主在尝试对我定向投放广告?好吧,我抱怨的不是这个,看一眼这个列表:

A Team Marketing, LLC
Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Big Brother
Blue Bloods
Butler University
Carl Brave x Franco126
Charlotte Direct Property Buyers
Charlotte Lawrence
Criminal Minds
Dark Polo Gang
J Balvin
Microphone Check
NCIS New Orleans
Nicky Jam
Nina Nesbitt
Nintendo Switch
Remote Tips
Rustic Pathways
Sasha Sloan
Star Trek: Discovery
The Big Bang Theory
The College Board
The Good Fight
The National
Trippie Redd
University of Denver Admission
Young Sheldon

I need someone to explain why is S.W.A.T looking for me?? And Criminal Minds?? Even SEAL Team??? I'm really not sure about what and how is Facebook doing with my data.

但是我需要某人解释清楚我为什么在 S.W.A.T 特警的投放列表上??还有 犯罪主脑??甚至还有 海豹突击队????我真的不是很清楚 Facebook 到底在做什么

Calls and Messages | 通话与短信

WHY?????? Why would Facebook need this???

喵????Facebook 要这玩意做什么??

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 10.28.44 PM.png
(Wiped out personal information)

Well done, Facebook, very accurate about my every single call and text.


I have no idea how did Facebook get these information but it might happened when I was still using my Android phone, I guess iPhone has a more strict rule on this.

我不清楚 Facebook 是如何拿到这些消息的,但是很可能是在我的旧安卓手机上找到的。iPhone 在这方面应该做的更完善吧。

Location History | 位置历史


It is totally normal if you feel like that.


Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 10.36.39 PM.png

Coordinates that has 5 digits after the decimal. Recording my every single location. My hometown, my trips and everywhere.


I don't trust Facebook, and I am now here.

我不信任 Facebook,所以现在我在这里发文

Try download your own data and check it out, and feel free to leave a comment for any questions.



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