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Which is more important for you? Money or fun?


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Blockchain technology is widely used and has changed the world, including my life. Since last year, we saw so many areas that it has impacted for. Take content platform as an example, there are so many of them in the market, fighting for the attention of the users.

I am as a typical user, have been trying to participate as many platforms as possible, aiming to receive dividends as early bird. However, also keep in mind, that many users like me have full time job, and also have busy life. Time that we can actually distribute to these platforms are limited too.

Let’s count the content platforms that I am in(or at least registered)- steemit, primas, bihu, biche, bitask, qunqun, zhibi, zhidian, uzan and zanbi, my goodness, there are 10 platforms! If I put 10mins per each, that’s almost 2 hours a day, and that doesn’t count the time I have to spend to write articles or do translation for utopian-io/DaVinci. I have very busy fulltime job and thus all these can only be done after I am off from work.

My typical daily life is- go to work in the morning, go home at night, have dinner, then go to my study room, start to write articles, do translation, interact with friends and users in the platforms, then go to bed. It has been going on for few months. Few days ago, when we were in the bed, my husband suddenly asked me, “did you feel that our life is boring?” I asked him why? He said, he didn’t get to see me at lot every day, it’s only dinner and bed time that we are together, as otherwise, either I was at work, or at my study room… and he asked me if I feel happy doing all these writings and upvoting, etc. He said, before I participated in these content platforms, at my spare time, I used to draw, learn python, etc, All that I seemed to have enjoyed, But now, I only do writing and translation. He said, “it’s good to make money for the future, but as they are blockchain based, the value of the coins could go to nothing, then all the hard work and efforts would go to zero. It’s not just about money, there are other things in life that you would need to enjoy and appreciate. You work so hard at work, and need to enjoy yourself instead of just making money. ”

I am not sure how many people are like me? But what my husband said did wake me up. I have been distracted and lost in the content platforms. My mom’s visiting me, the other day, she said to me, “how come we have nothing to say ?” Cause I was too focusing on doing my side projects? Duh, another warning.

I need to seriously think about this and decide how to go back to my normal life. After all, life is not all about making money, yes, I do feel accomplished building up my followers, but in real life, I have other roles and responsibilities too, And I also need to enjoy the money that I make…


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