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Crypto Finally - Welcome to 3speak ! - A brief interview !


5 months agoSteemit2 min read

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I interviewed @cryptofinally a few months ago and I contacted her recently to invite her to @threespeak !

We have a deal to record another interview next week.

In this video I'm sharing a brief from the previous interview, hoping for steem community to help me invite her.

@cryptofinally is really famous in the crypto world now.

She creates music videos about bitcoin.

She visited a lot of crypto conferences.

She even met Vitalik Buterin in person, the creator of ethereum :


And recently she met Tone Vays, a well known crypto influencer :


In twitter she has over 13.7K followers :


I really hope she will join @threespeak.

Follow her in twitter here :

Subscribe to her youtube channel :

Welcome her to @threespeak , if you want her to be active, you can also tweet her about that, so she will be more excited to join.

Or you can retweet this as well :

Let the world knows about steem.

Enjoy watching the interview. ☺

You can watch as well my promotional video that's trending now in steem and 3speak at the same time.

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