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Steem community is growing in other platforms !


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I'm glad to notice steem community growing in other platforms !

It's all started by facebook, when I joined steem, I joined so many steem related groups in facebook. I was sharing in most of them my posts. Then I saw that's not giving me any engagement. But, I could support a lot of steemians, follow them and I'm followed by a lot since then. Because I have a big facebook group with over 16,000 members. When people see the group is big, they do their best to be active in it. But, now I converted it into @dcooperation group and anyone who will create content in our community will be able to share his posts in the group.

After that I started to create videos on @dtube and I was sharing at the same time all my videos to my youtube channel. I was also creating there videos about steem and steemit. I was sharing all my interviews there and of course creating some collaborations for @dcooperation community. That's how I created the community ! I always believed that video marketing is powerful.

Then I joined the movement of @nathanmars where he rewarded steemians to be active in twitter to promote steem. He's not active himself now, but a lot of those who he supported still sharing their steem content there. We are even creating there initiatives like #2020vision and others. We are commenting other communities there to bring attention to steem. My tweets about steem there are even in the top sometimes. What's I'm really proud of.

Then I joined @threespeak and that made me even crazier to promote steem and I started to promote it in forums. We have a lot of crypto forums and I even found some active steemians there like @daan. I still think that promoting in forums is really effective. I hope someday a post will be in trending to make as much steemians promote in forums. The activity there is still low and it's such wasted opportunity, really.

I also tried to grow my account in tiktok and I think that platform is really interesting and can bring so much traffic to steem. The only active people there I see is @coruscate. We really should take tiktok seriously. I hope to find time for it to create short videos there.

The other platform where steem is actively promoted is quora. It's Q&A platform. When I usually ask any question in google, I mostly find that answered in quora. That's how big is this platform and it's growing. Thanks to @theycallmedan for supporting the activity there. We even have a space created by him with over 1,000 steemians and maybe other people interested to steem and crypto joined. Here is the link : Steemian Roundup in quora. So, if you are not there yet, create an account and start asking and answering questions about steem.

You maybe even rewarded for that. Read about that here : Quora Onboarding Initiative

Of course don't ignore reddit and instagram. I share sometimes my steemit post in reddit and try to check what others are creating about steem there. I'm also glad that we have @appics who are bringing people from instagram.

But, the most important thing that steem community now is even growing in other crypto platforms, what I see a good sign for all of us. I joined LBRY a few months ago and I see there a lot of steemians creating and mentioning steem. I joined uptrennd as well and I found there a community with over 2,000 steemians creating about steem. Still don't know about other crypto platforms, but I will joined them as soon I'll find about them to promote steem there.

That's how we should be connected in all other platforms to show the world that steem community is stronger than they think. They should see the word of steem everywhere and only that can bring us the mass adoption.

That's why I keep building @dcooperation , to connect all these communities together and to create something even bigger !


You can follow me in all these social media and let me know in the comments, how can I find you to follow :

Facebook group , Twitter, Quora, Reddit, Youtube, Instagram, TikTok , Medium, lbry , Uptrennd.

I'm promoting steem in all of them. Let's connect there and promote it together !

I'm also the founder of @dcooperation , the community where we collaborate. You're welcome to join us in our discrod server.

Here is the community in beta.steemit, you can subscribe and post in it : . We are giving autoupvotes for that and you can get up to $5 upvote for that.

Check here what else I do to promote steem : The efforts I do to promote steem !


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