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Karaoke with my club !


10 days agoSteemit3 min read

So, I want to continue my picture story and the story of the English club is coming to its end.

After watching movies with subtitles I decided to try something new and to invite people to sing in English.

I know that Russians like to sing and we have a lot of Karaoke bars here, but noone is doing that specially in English. So, I decided to create something special and proposed to the anti-cafe administration that I visited with International English club to organize a new event.


They accepted that and that was the first karaoke meeting I ever organized with the English club. I invited people from all the city and a lot of new people visited us.


Most of them were students.


But even some workers visited us for fun.


I used a projecter with my laptop.


People there had a lot of fun.


Even some friends recorded there videos.


Some people joined just to watch.


This girl sang a lot.


We even had Mark from canada. He was a basketball player who visited the city. He sang rap.


Then I organized the second karaoke after a week. Less people joined, but something special happened !


This girl found out about my even in social media and I invited her to steem and she is @behelen !


She invited her friend and that's my wife now @steemitbaby !

I liked her in the karaoke, invited her to dance and then we started dating and got married after about a year and half.

That's how I met my lovely wife and we are married more than 3 years now and we know each other about 5 years.

I still remember how after those karaoke I invited people to my birthday and that was in 26 february 2015 !


I really enjoy remembering all that.

And I organized after that only one event and the club closed. That was an awesome event as well and a cool idea as well.

But, I will write about that in the next post and the final picture story of my English club.

Thanks for reding and watching the pictures.


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