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Over 500 videos created & More than $5000 earned with DTUBE ! - VEDY - 11 -


5 months agoSteemit

In this video I talked about how, I created more than 500 videos on @dtube and how I earned over $5000 from creating videos there.

That took me of course more than a year and half, but for me living in Russia that's a good money.

The hard work will always bring its results.

The consistency is a key.

Having a strong motive helps a lot.

Those my tips that I can for someone who want to get somewhere.

Keep creating and you will be noticed by the right people.

Enjoy watching the video. ☺

It's my #vedy numer 11 ( video everyday for a year ) to promote dtube and steem on youtube.

Enjoy watching. ☺

You're welcome to join @dcooperation , the community to collaborate.

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