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Badge Hunts, Autoresponders & 1 Month Later...


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It's been a full calendar month since ClickTrackProfit relaunched!

And wow, what a month it's been.....!

We'll go over some of the wins, and losses over the past 30 days and see where we can improve not only on CTP itself but also on CTPtalk!

The Union Has Been Awesome

While CTP was launched a month ago, we didn't bring anyone over and launch CTPtalk until about a week after...And it worked out pretty well!

I'm seeing lots of amazing Steemians coming over to ClickTrackProfit...Seeing their username names pop up in the newsfeed...


P.S....What's up @chiren Good to see the Vimm team coming over :)

It's been great! And on the flip side, dozens upon dozens of amazing CTP members have gotten their first little taste of the Steem blockchain and all it's potential.

I think the first few weeks have been amazing :)

The CTP and CTPM Tokens

So far..So good :)

Both tokens have been amazing!!! We're seeing CTP members finally understand the potential they have with CTPtalk and once they catch on....They get very excited!

It's still new for everyone, but they are catching on. The air drop continues too for @SteemLeo staked accounts. The super slow drop I think has helped the price stabilize and there hasn't been too much crazy movement.

We've got tons planned as well as FULL integration of the CTP Token into the ClickTrackProfit training platform and ideas for token burns as well...

The End of Summer Badge Hunt Is Coming...

One of the more popular promotions we have done at CTP for years has been our badge hunts. In a nutshell, our promo partners purchase badges and 'hide' them around the internet..On their blogs....Their websites...And super creative places as well.

Our members then go on a hunt to find as many as they can...The member that finds the most (or all) of the badges...Wins some really cool stuff.

They are SUPER fun and help engagement across the entire platform.

end of Summer badge hunt (1).png

We've got a 50% off sale going on right now inside of ClickTrackProfit.

If you are interested in learning more and taking part in the hunt, drop us a line on Telegram...

They are a great way to engage your customers and generate some new subscribers and followers!

The Official AutoResponder Of CTP Is....

And finally, something has been missing over the past month inside of CTP...

We're an affiliate marketing training site...That hasn't been training people on which autoresponder they should be using...

Here's our webinar that we did last night explaining 'why' we took so long choosing one AND why we picked TrafficWave to be our official autoresponder and all the amazing things we have planned for it...

It's only about an hour ;)

All in all...The first month back has been awesome....I'm using awesome a lot in this post because that's how I feel...It's fired me up and got me thinking about how powerful this community can be now that it's back and even GROWING everyday on CTPtalk / Steem.

Thanks for you support over the past month and I look forward to helping you learn all about affiliate marketing (and the blockchain) for years to come...


The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

=> CTP Condenser -

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

=> CTP Miner on Steem-Engine -


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