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BlockTrades: An Innovative and Safer Exchange


11 days ago3 min read

We know how difficult it is to guarantee the security of our currencies in exchanges. Despite all the security measures taken, in some cases hackers managed to break down the defenses, stealing millions of coins for millions of users' dollars.


BlockTrades is a company that deals with the exchange of cryptocurrencies, therefore an exchange, which operates in a different way compared to all the other exchanges present online. In fact BlockTrades takes care of an instant conversion of your coins without ever requesting their deposit on its platform but directly managing the operations on your wallets. It is a great evolution in terms of customer security because if the platform is under hacker attack, the customers' coins would not be at risk because they are not actually stored there. A definitely innovative and safe, instant and convenient exchange system.

In fact, at the time of conversion, BlockTrades carries out a market research on the various exchanges to try to offer the customer the best possible price at the moment. This avoids the manual search of all exchanges to understand where the price is lower or higher, depending on whether the customer wants to buy or sell.

HIVE on BlockTrades

In this Exchanges we can perform several operations with HIVE:

  • Buy HIVE accounts
  • Buy HIVE Power
  • Buy HIVE Delegation

Buy HIVE accounts

This option will allow you to immediately purchase HIVE accounts, choosing the payment method yourself. Different cryptocurrencies are supported including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and HIVE. The registration process is really very simple and you just need to perform some simple operations:


Buy HIVE Power

From this section you can directly buy HIVE power for your account. It will be sufficient to enter your username and choose the payment method also made up of many cryptocurrencies. The Hive power remind you that they are not immediately available but are stuck in your account. It is necessary to carry out the Power Down if you want to have them liquid or buy HIVE directly


Buy HIVE Delegation

In this section of Blocktrades you can buy HIVE Power for a specific period of time. The higher your HP, the higher the rewards from your daily curation. As in the other cases, you can also choose the most convenient payment method for you here.


I remember you the daily trading limit is $ 1750 USD but you can increase this limit by submitting identification information via the Authorization menù.

The @blocktrades website can be reached via this Link. I remind you that investing in cruptovalute is very risky and nobody can guarantee you certainties. Be careful!


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