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Rx 5700 XT 50 MH/s ETH


2 months agoeSteem


Hey again with the staking and the earning with Dpos coins and ION I wanted to also jump back into mining.

So I picked up the Rx 5700 xt thicc ultra III I am currently checking to see what u should be mining and it looks like ETH is still profitable to o line with this card overclocked and the voltage lowers I am getting 50 MH/s which is not bad at all.

The card itself if I was mining and selling would be bringing in $.89 cents so is it better to mine Ravencoin or ETH.

With ETH it just seems much easier to line I am using mano miner to line ETH and Team Red Miner for Ravencoin. I will be building a 6 card rig so hopefully I can get all the components for it by end of this month.

Please keep a look out for my progress on the many crypto coins I am mining or staking watch me build. Nice Mining Farm!


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