Byteball Use-a-Thon : Plant 2 million trees by 2020.


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The development of Byteball is good for the planet! The more users the more we plant trees !

You can become a tree ambassador for your company or for your city, it is up to you.
Register by replying to this post.

At coffee break, collect 1 euro or 1 USD (or the equivalent in your national fiat currency) from each of your colleagues. It is the price to plant a tree.

A. You already are in the crypto business:
Send an equivalent of the collected money to the Byteball wallet Plant-a-tree

Plant a tree img.JPG

B. You are not in the crypto business yet !
Download a Byteball wallet from
Buy the equivalent of the collected sum with your credit card:

or look at the Free distribution for mass adoption on the Byteball website

Send an equivalent to the Byteball wallet Plant-a-tree

Paste a copy of this post on the coffee machine !Transform it into a Plant-a-tree coffee machine. Send a mail to your local newspaper.

Follow the advancement of the program on the Ventureo wiki:

Each month, the money is send to Kedjum-keku in cameroon or to another Tree planter nonprofit.

All the best,


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