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Byteball Use-a-Thon: Byteball - @askanything partnership.


8 months agoSteemit2 min read

When you ask a question on Steemit (you write your question in the title of a post), if it is not a stupid question, @askanything will upvote your question and you will earn at least 6 cts of Steem + the upvotes of the community.

It is better to use the tag asa so @askanything can easily detect your question.

The community will answer your question (not always, but most of the time!)

  • Select the best answer.
  • Propose to the replier to send him some Byteball to thank him for his/her good reply. The amount of byteball you send will depend about how much you have been rewarded for your question.

So everybody is a winner, the people who ask a question earn some Steem and the replier earn some Byteball. This is generating a knowledge circle with a permanent increasing value.
You can buy more byteball with the reward for your question.
You can also send some Steem to @askanything, so @askanything will be able to reward more questions.

In progress :


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